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是什么 ...


In the absence of widespread high-bandwidth 5G availability, one technology that has been with us for several years remains the most reliable solution for getting your streams to the cloud when Wi-Fi and wired connections are unavailable: cellular bonding.


Advance testing shows the codec producing strong bitrate savings over its competitors, but a tiered licensing model could prevent all users from enjoying the best performance.


A high-level view of state of streaming media in 2019, and the concepts and and technologies that make it work.


The move away from plugins like Flash and Silverlight has made video delivery easier, but it's also made DRM more complicated. Here's what DRM looks like today, along with a discussion of the leading DRM technologies and DRM service providers


Scheduled to be the first codec released by the Alliance for Open Media, AV1 is positioned to replace VP9 and compete with HEVC. While we don't know many details yet, the backing of the Alliance should give AV1 a significant competitive advantage.


VP9 is the open-source codec from 谷歌, and provides a royalty-free alternative to HEVC. 它比H更有效.264, and while it's less efficient than HEVC, it compares well on quality.


当我们超越1080p时, consumers and the online video world are being enticed by 2K, 4K, 4K超高清(UHD). Here's a look at what those all mean, as well as what the future might hold.


Not sure what to make of the new format on the block? Read this to get up to speed on how HEVC was created, the challenges it now faces, and when it will go into everyday use.

是什么 Transparent Caching?

Transparent caching benefits both the end user, who gets the content they want more quickly, and the CDNs and ISPs delivering the content.


Is 谷歌 TV the smart TV platform of the future,or still just "beta" software?

是什么 a 流媒体 Protocol?

HTTP, RTSP, RTMP, 光滑的流, HLS, HDS, and more: What exactly are streaming protocols, and how do they interact with other communications protocols?


MPEG DASH is the latest hot topic in the online video space. Here we break down what it is, and what its implications might be for video delivery in the future.

H是什么LS (HTTP 在线直播)?

Apple's HTTP 在线直播 (HLS) protocol is the technology used to deliver video to Apple devices like the iPad and iPhone. Here's a primer on what HLS is and how to use it.


A look at what adaptive streaming is, the primary technology providers, and the factors you should consider when choosing an adaptive streaming technology

是什么 Encoding and Transcoding?

An overview of the basics of encoding and transcoding, including an attempt to settle on some hitherto controversial definitions


H的背后.264, the world's most popular video codec, including encoding parameters and royalty concerns


If you're going to understand online video, you need to understand codecs. Here's a high-level look at what codecs are, as well as the variety of codecs relevant to streaming media.

是什么 a Content Delivery Network (CDN)?

A definition and history of the content delivery network, as well as a look at the current CDN market landscape


An explanation of HTML5 and HTML5 Video, 包括历史, 专利问题, 以及苹果目前的使用情况, 微软, 谷歌, Adobe, 和其他人.

什么是流媒体 (2011 Version)

A high-level view of streaming media technology, history, and the online video market landscape