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三星艺术商店 Brings Salvador Dalí Masterpieces Into 首页s Worldwide via the Samsung Frame TV


启用 框架 TV owners to continuously transform any space with over 2,300件数码艺术品, including works from the most renowned artists, 博物馆, 以及行业潮流的引领者 三星艺术商店 recently welcomed 12 of Salvador Dalí's most striking masterpieces in partnership with the Fundació加拉-萨尔瓦多Dalí, the private cultural institution founded by Dalí. Its mission is to promote his artistic, cultural, and intellectual works in 西班牙 and abroad.

Known the world over for an instantly recognizable surrealist style characterized by dreamlike imagery, 离奇古怪的幻想, 对细节一丝不苟, Salvador Dalí remains one of the most enduring and enigmatic artists of the last 100 years. With paintings that invite the viewer to step closer and examine the unexpected interplay between the bizarre and mundane, Dalí has been captivating audiences since his first work was displayed in Barcelona, 西班牙, in 1925.

Daria格林, 三星艺术商店馆长, talked to 流媒体 about the new Dalí collection, the technical uniqueness of the Samsung Frame TV for viewing artworks, the partnership between 三星艺术商店 and the Fundació加拉-萨尔瓦多Dalí, 和更多的.

What makes the Samsung Frame TV especially unique for digitally displaying art (regarding screen resolution, 明亮条件下的图像可见度, 个性化的类型, 等.)?

框架 TV features a unique matte display that removes light reflection, improving visibility and consistency of the displayed image, 白天或黑夜. 框架 includes our QLED technology available on our premium TV lineup, with a billion shades of brilliant color at 100% color volume. 框架 features our unique multi-color bezel options, giving it that artistic touch and zero gap wall mount for perfect look on the wall.

最后, we use light and motion sensors to adjust the image to always look its best, and conserve energy when no one is around.

How did the partnership between 三星艺术商店 and the Fundació加拉-萨尔瓦多Dalí, the private cultural institution that promotes his work, 聚在一起?

三星与 艺术家权益协会 to create the partnership with Fundació加拉-萨尔瓦多Dalí. We wanted to ensure that we offered a premium experience to our members while preserving the integrity of the Dalí legacy.

What is the general curatorial process for 三星艺术商店 and Frame TV? Is there a chief curator for the Art Store who works with 博物馆 and art institutions? 

I am the Curator for the Art Store and I work closely with our partners on image selection. I maintain a year-round calendar of thematic features and exhibitions to showcase the greatest breadth and diversity of art and artists.

The Special Collection features 12 of 大理’s masterpieces – what was the selection process and criteria for these works? How closely did 三星艺术商店 and Fundació加拉-萨尔瓦多Dalí work together to select these pieces?

I worked hand-in-hand with the foundation to select a variety of Dalí artworks to represent the many phases of his long and storied career.

Could you briefly discuss the accompanying documentary about 大理 for Samsung’s “Meet the Artist” video series, which is a co-production between Samsung and a Publicis agency production team. How many other “Meet the Artist” documentaries have been produced with Publicis, and how will the documentary be used for both marketing/promotion and education?

We’ve produced 7 Meet the Artist videos to date (see below). We use the videos to highlight the incredible talent of the artists we work with and showcase how their work comes to life in the 三星艺术商店 on 框架. The narrative and the process behind art is just as important as the final product. We use these videos to tell these stories. 这些视频在艺术商店直播, 在三星电视的横幅上, 社会, CRM, and even in Times Square (the 大理 video is live in Times Square now on the Samsung billboard).

1. 大理

2. 塞娅Woolfalk

3. Shinique史密斯

4. Aerosyn-Lex我štrovic

5. 明亮的时刻

6. Noah Kalina

7. 科迪柯布

Are there any other current or pending curated partnerships with major artists (or their institutions), 类似于萨尔瓦多·达利的合伙关系?

我们刚刚推出 大都会博物馆! We can’t speak about other partners until they’ve live, but we have many great artists and institutions lined up for the rest of 2023 and 2024.

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